“With the introduction of the Schools Bill, we envisage that cases of flagrant data  breaches such as that of child M and their family will be even more prolific”

 Misleading or inaccurate data at the core of poor practice for children
By The Victoria Climbié Foundation UK (VCF)

The majority of cases brought to us by concerned parents contain elements of false, misleading or inaccurate information produced by statutory services interacting with children and their families.

This has led to a negative impact on the emotional well-being of each family as subsequent authorities consider how to address stated concerns for child/ren and parents based upon false and potentially defamatory information.

Child M became known to us when their family contacted VCF following inaccurate information disseminated to other agencies by local authority children’s services stating that the child was “at possible risk of future harm” [a phrase that has become heightened within social care practice] purely based upon the mother being a victim of childhood abuse more than twenty-five years previously.

Despite the mother relocating, successfully rebuilding her life and seeking
legal action against all perpetrators involved, the local authority failed to include these vital elements to their report. Child M was targeted by the local authority as a potential “child in need”, yet the mother had consistently reached out to professionals and supportive organisations at every step of
her pre and post-natal journey when necessary and had even established a support network for other mothers in similar circumstances.

Such detrimental reports by the statutory agencies involved continue to have a negative impact on child M and their family: GPs, health visitors, schools and even other family members have been provided with wholly inaccurate information contained within child M’s medical records, all stemming from reports created 5 years ago, information which the mother
continually and successfully proves to be false.

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